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Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Here at Salem Cycle, we pride ourselves on our commitment to you and in providing the best possible service, whether that entails performing tune-ups, helping you find a new bicycle, offering training courses and group rides, or simply greeting you with a smile. In response to this continuing effort to better serve you, we have received numerous letters, emails and phone calls from satisfied customers who we have helped to enjoy their shopping experience. We figured it was about time to show the rest of the world what people have thought. So here are just a few of the responses we have received over the years.

We have also just added an Awards & Recognitions page that you should check out as well, that lists several of the thank you letters we have recieved from the various charities which we support!

If you are interested in leaving a message for us that we may use on the Internet, please contact us.

Thanks again for all of your support and kind words!

Name Staff Rating Product Selection Store Apperance Likely to Recommend Comments
Sherrie 10 7 7 10 Great staff! personable. helpful. knowledgeable. great service.
Michael & Jill 10 10 10 10 We have bought many bike from Dan and his staff have been great for each and every purchase.
Kenneth 10 6 6 8 Your staff is awesome. You guys have obviously been around biking for long time and have amazing knowledge. That being said, I think you guys could do even better if you had the inventory behind your knowledge. I have looked at your helmets and road shoes.
Dan & Steph 8 8 8 9 If someone is local I would definitely recommend the store. Store hours could be adjusted. For example, opening earlier one day a week and on a weekend day would allow commuters and weekend riders a chance to pick-up what they need on their way to work.
Fred & Monina 9 9 8 9  
Mike 10 9 10 10  
Phyllis 9 9 9 9 Excellent service, friendly helpful and knowledge based sales staff
Pheobe 9 9 7 10 Tim's expertise with Dahons. He knew exactly how to fix my floppy headset and he gave me tips for keeping my bike in working order. Efficient and knowledgeable, the perfect combination.
Christine 10 9 9 10 The staff is FANTASTIC. Everyone I've ever dealt with there is friendly, knowledgeable, helpful -- and funny! :)
Marianne 10 10 10 10 I am very glad you were recommended to me . You do great work, are very efficient and I will also recommend you!
Jim 10 5 8 7 I mountain bike, tri and commute. Tim is the only one there that I trust with my bikes. He is pleasent to deal with and has a great knowledge of bicycling. A true asset to Salem Cycle.
Steve 9 8 8 10  
Pamela 10 10 8 10 Staff is knowledgeable and helpful and not just to people who are looking to buy. This goes a long way and I wouldn't hesitate recommending Salem Cycle to my friends
Frank&Ed 9 9 8 10  
Greg 7 8 8 8  


Links to Testimonials and Articles About Salem Cycle:

Dear Dan:

Last week, I came to Salem Cycle to purchase a road bike. I had done some research, talked to several biking friends and had a strong idea what I wanted. I met with Tim. We talked and he measured me then began a wonderful journey. Tim was knowledgeable, patient and understanding and was committed to get the best bike for my needs. We spent time (more time than I thought it would take) to make adjustments. He wanted me to take a test ride but I was reluctant. He said, "I will not sell you a bike that you have not ridden first".

I will be back in a few days to make my final decision. But, I must commend you on your caring and dedicated staff. In today's age of quick uncaring sales it's a pleasure to find someone who is committed to customer service and satisfaction. Tim is an excellent employee, dedicated to his craft and a great representative of your store. I will recommend Tim and Salem Cycle to anyone who wants great attention to detail and customer service.

Joseph C. Parisi, DVM
July 7, 2007


Just wanted to thank you for the outstanding service I received on my recent tune-up. What a difference it made! It reminded me of the feelings I had when I first rode my new bike out of the showroom. Great Job! From now on, I'll be scheduling an annual tune-up. Thanks again for everything.

Mark Wenzel

Dan, Happy New Year!

Thanks again for all of your help in putting together my "Fleet" of
bikes! Now all I need is a TT frame...don't let me do it! I'll have
to wait on that one. Thanks again for the jethro tule! That thing is
the bomb! I've already used it as a bottle opener and as a wrench!
Thanks for taking such good care of me!

Have a good day!

p.s. Tell whoever built up the F55 that
they did an awesome job, it is tight all around, real sharp shifting
and everything! Thanks for putting the rush on it!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the fast response and shipping information!

I’m glad that I found your company as well. My son had these particular shoes on his Christmas list and I was having a hard time finding them in the right size at a decent price. When I found a good price somewhere...they were out of stock. The shops that had them in stock wanted a mint for them. Even eBay failed me!

My favorite search engine, “”, found your webpage without too much trouble though, and I was thrilled to find your listing at the very best price I’d seen anywhere.

Thanks again for your help with my list and the great service…Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Rochester, MN

Hey guys,

I'm the guy who bought the used Giordana like a week ago and raced in my first triathlon on Sunday at Nantasket Beach. It was a blast and the bike
was PERFECT and I love it. I've never raced really other than doing that Mass Gataway for MS from Boston to P-town, but am hooked now. The bike is
smooth and I am so bummed out that the season is almost over. Anyways, wanted to tell you guys how much I appreciate your help and feel very lucky
to have hooked up withthe Bike. Please thank Tim for me as he was who I met and intro'd me to it.

Thanks again!


Sorry for the delay getting back to you.

A group of friends and I went roadtripping through New England and walked past the shop while visiting Salem. As a graphic designer I was struck by the great design of your logo, and I was bummed that you were already closed for the evening. I even brought my wife back by to show her the logo. After we returned home I kept thinking about it and decided to look up the shop online to get a phone number to see if I could convince you to ship one to me. I was excited to learn that you offered them for sale and of course had to add a headset cap so I will have a piece of salem on my bike to remind me of the great town and our wonderful visit.

Thanks for shipping my shirt, I will look forward to visiting the shop the next time I am in Salem. Kudos to your artist as well, that is a great logo.

Thank you again,

Chapel Hill, TN



I came across the Salem Cycle website when searching the web for the item I ended up purchasing from you. I frequently make cycling related purchases over the internet with one or two of the large mail order businesses like Performance Cycle or Colorado Cyclist, but the sale price you had for the item was hard to beat, so I decided to give you guys a shot.




Picked up my Paragon yesterday that was being fixed/tuned up by you guys.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting in new bar end caps-which I didn’t even notice until I got out of the store.

Good attention to detail!



About four years ago, I stumbled upon your shop while working in Needham. Of course, I loved the place and I bought a logo long sleeve t-shirt. When I came back to California, everyone raved about it and of course, I had to get a logo jersey! Now, every time I wear the jersey (or when my husband wears his), we get the huge oohs and aahs...

Anyway, I rode the Stagecoach Century on Saturday and there were over 30 comments of "that is the coolest jersey I've ever seen!"

Just thought I'd pass that along and say thank you!! Great job and you've definitely got a growing cheering section out here on the west coast!

-- Cindy Becker


I found your website as I was looking for snowshoes on As it turns out my husband is an avid cyclist and had actually raced against some people on your team during the summer so he knew who you were before I did.

Great deal on the snowshoes by the way. I hope my niece and nephew will love them. Thanks!


Thank you! We were visiting the Cape last summer and came to your store and just loved it and the logo! We bought glasses then (along with everything else my husband could fit in the car) but with the main drink in them being beer they have both suffered untimely deaths. So for Christmas I though it would be a great surprise for him - it would never occur to him that I could get them without visiting. Hope to be up there in the future. Thanks again!!!


My wife and I stopped by your shop a couple of years ago. You were in the process of moving and my wife bought a glass and t-shirt at the time. We are now getting this order for my son. My wife still wears the shirt and uses the glass for cold beer. We hope to get back east again in the near future and visit your new place.

Doug and Judy

…After a couple of hours of training, Dennis and Kimberly took a break to run some errands—including rounding up some munchies—but wild zombies couldn’t have dragged Zephyr outside. We also stopped by Salem Cycle to purchase lights for our bicycles so we could ride them “home” after work. The lights for all of our bicycles came to over $150; but Salem Cycle was an excellent bike shop with a very helpful staff. And we love their logo of a witch riding a bicycle with the broom attached!...


Today at noon my nine year old daughter was in a school play and I'd promised to come. I hopped on my bike to make the 7 mile trip from work in twenty minutes when--oh no! A flat tire!!
I wheeled it into your store near my office and told the fellows working there what a disappointment this was and asked when might they be able to get to fixing it. Well, they switched into hyperspeed mode and had that flat changed and the bike back to me in under ten minutes. They sent me off without even settling up, saying I could come back later.
The smile on my daughter's face when she saw her [tired] Dad at the beginning of the play sure made me appreciate the value that you and your team provide. Thank you very much.

Emil Ronchi

Marblehead, MA

This ride was virtually a parade of UCC churches. I took pictures of just a few, including First Church UCC in Wenham and Tabernacle Congregational UCC of Salem. Just down the street from Tabernacle I found that Salem Cycle was open on the holiday to sell me a new rack for my bike. I had some difficulties finding a touring rack before I left Maine, and my everyday rack was not handling my fully loaded panniers well. I stopped at the polish deli where they sliced the meat especially for my sandwich while I waited, looking at the portrait of Pope John Paul II hanging on the wall with a black band of mourning over it. I took my lunch to the common where I ate, unloaded my bike, installed the new rack, and reloaded. Ready to roll again I passed the statue of Roger Conant, the first settler of the Puritan colony at Salem in 1620, standing adjacent to the Salem Witch Museum. Together, the two landmarks remind me of both the great faith of our congregational forebears in coming to this continent, and the great injustice that faith sustained when used to scapegoat fear onto individuals within the community.

Birthday Sunday
A few weeks back I started thinking about what I would want for my birthday ... I was thinking maybe a new watch, or maybe a new jacket ... I’ve had both for years and years. Then I started thinking of what I could do to get fit and active again, I’ve not been for way too long and the gym thing isn’t really working out.

I thought about a bike ...

This last few days I started actively looking. I saw some nice ones online that would be what I wanted, but bike shopping online is so hit and miss!

So, this afternoon we spent a happy two hours in Salem Cycle. I walked out with a bike, a helmet, repair kit and car rack. Yes, we dropped some dollars, but I’ve got a great bike that I fully intend to make use of, and it’s good enough that I can upgrade and repair the bits that need it, it came equipped with good brands for it’s front suspension forks, cranks, wheels and tires, gears and breaks (rather than more generic cheaper brands).

Salem Cycle were wonderful! I can’t recommend them enough. Picture this ... try and remember the last time a customer of a shop, walking out, stopped to tell you how wonderful the shop and it’s staff were? It happened there. A guy walking out was telling us that he and his entire bike club come to Salem Cycle just for the service alone, and I can’t say he was proven wrong either!

I test rode a couple of the bikes there, and they had no problem with me doing that. They fit the bike too me, including offers of new or longer riser bars and seat posts if needed (all free). The bike came with a 30 money back garantee if I decide I don’t want it, a bunch of repairs and adjustments free for the first 60 days, and just in general it was a great experience very rarely seen in retail these days.

The bike itself is a KHS Alite 1000, but it’s the 2003 or 2004 model (I forget), so I got 20% off it (and it only came in green!). It has great front shocks, unilever breaks, shimano gears etc. I’ve not had chance to ride it far yet, I had to go to puppy training very soon after getting home, but what I have done, I’ve loved .. the front suspension makes so much difference from my last bike!


and again, if you are on the North Shore and looking for a bike, or accessories, head to Salem Cycle on Washington St ... they were fantastic!

Huge thanks go to Diosa for getting me this for my Birthday, and for letting me have it early, and not making me wait

Retailers, Rep Nail Man Who Burglarized Manufacturer
Thu Sep 18, 2003
Source: Bicycle Retailer

SALEM, MA - A man entered Salem Cycle asking about a trade-in and got himself turned in. When Parlee Cycles was robbed earlier this month president Bob Parlee notified area retailers of the situation. So when a man appeared with a brand new Parlee the next day, Salem Cycle staff knew what to do.

Shop owner Dan Shuman worked with his assistant manager Stu Beaulieu and Specialized sales representative Troy Angwin to foil the thief's attempt to resell the Parlee.

Parlee had faxed descriptions and serial numbers of the goods looted from his factory. Shuman, Beaulieu and Angwin immediately spotted the bicycle as among the reported stolen.

While one kept the thief occupied with model shopping, another surreptitiously locked the door and the third called the police.

"The arresting officer was truly shocked to discover the value of the bike he was gamely attempting to fit in the police car along with the handcuffed thief," Shuman said.

"Parlee Cycles has since contacted us and told us that the thief was the one had stolen the goods and also had quite a record. All but one bike and the shop stereo were returned. Hopefully, the wheels of justice will not grind slowly in this case," he added.

tomm10 Apr 13 2000, 3:00 am show options

Newsgroups: alt.mountain-bike

I was going to start a separate thread but this seams like the perfect place for it. About two months ago I got a 1990(?) Pro-Flex frame (from the days when they were still going by the name Offroad) for free from a guy who used to race for them. I thought it would be cool
to build it up to replace my sorry Diamondback Outlook. The problem was there were some parts from the rear suspension missing and I needed to replace them. I dropped an email to Dan Shuman at Salem Cycle in Salem, Ma asking if he knew anything about these parts. I have never been to Dan's shop and only found out about it from K2's website (K2 never responded to emails). Well, Dan replied and said he would check it out. That was two months ago.

Since then I have decided that the build up of that bike would be too much and in the interest of riding this season I bought a Rockhopper. Today I got an email from Dan, he's been looking for the parts! He came up empty (which is probably a good thing since my plans for the bike are on hold at the least) but I was amazed he had looked that long.

Bottom line, a shop that I have never even been inside of, let alone bought anything from, looked for months for a part to a bike made by a company that doesn't even exist anymore! I don't think an online shop would give you the same kind of attention.


PS. I'll be at Salem Cycle this weekend and I'm sure as hell
buying something.


I have spent the last 3 months researching my new road bike purchase. I am a "trained" marathon runner, and have decided this year to start training for triathlons. The more I read about doing a tri, the more I learned that the biking will make or break you. So the process began... I rode more bikes than I can care to discuss, and tried to really "dial-in" to the geometry that was right for my body and riding style. Then, like everyone, I wanted to get the "most bike for my money." I felt that my local LBS was overpriced, so I took my search to the internet.During my research I came across Salem Cycles. Granted, Salem was one of a hundred sites that I looked over, but something made me take the next step and call. This call is what made the decision for me. I had a list of questions, and you were able to answer each of them clearly and articulately. Sometimes I wondered if my LBS knew what they were talking about because I would get a different answer depending on who I was talking to... NOT SO at Salem. Your staff was courteous, knowledgeable and consistent in theirinfromation. It also didn't hurt that you had the BEST PRICE HANDS DOWN. Thanks for EVERYTHING.

Brian Ray
Akron, OH

Hi Dan I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your great service. I bought a bike in Marblehead and one at your store just before Christmas. What a difference in service! I love the e-mails and the gold card system. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.

My son absolutely loves his bike.
Thanks again Gail

Hi Dan and Stu!

I had the Copilot Limo child seat installed on my Capitola last week. Just following up to give you guys some feedback. You did a great job, as always. The process was so smooth--from my initial questions, to the purchase, and all the way through to the installation and delivery. You both always manage to easily answer all of my questions and give me all the information that I need to make the right buying decisions.

We took our 9 month old to Plum Island yesterday with the newly installed bike seat and his new Little Heroes helmet (we used the great Salem Cycle coupon). Trevor had a blast. He's been teething for a while, so the bike ride really seemed to comfort him. I was really surprised at how little the bike seat affected my riding performance, too.

Thanks for all your help!
Cindy Johnson

Hi Dan:

I just wanted to say thank you for the outstanding job your bike mechanic Josh did on repairing my bike wheels.

I am amazed out how perfect he was able to true the wheels.
Thanks again for the help and excellent service.

Mark Keene
Salem, MA

To Dan and Stu,

Big thanks all around!!

Thanks to Stu for letting me bring my bike in after hours on Tuesday and for doing a great job cleaning and repairing the bike!! I rode my bike after I picked it up on Thursday night and was really thrilled at the bikes performance. (I actually thought I was going to have to bring it right back after I caught a log in the spokes for another round of new spokes) My bike is in tough shape from my lack of routine maintenance and riding with broken and worn parts, so every little bit of mechanical adjustment makes a big difference.

Since I am not interested in buying a new bike anytime soon, I feel very confident that Salem Cycle will help me keep my bike on the trails. Thanks for the confidence I feel with your service. I ride my bike at least twice a week all year long and appreciate your professional service.

Barry Fortin


I found out about you guys through my daughter. My daughter was on vacation in Mass and since I'm a cyclist she took a picture of your sign. So I called and asked if you had jerseys with the witch and whoever answered the phone told me yes and that I could order on your web site.

I belong to Northwest Cycle Club here in Houston and a group of us on the race team have started wearing different jerseys on the Saturday training rides. It is a little competitive and we try to be original. One of the guys is a pilot for Southwest Airlines and he usually out originals everybody. I got him this week with a Polish National Team uniform and next week it will be your jersey.
Thanks for the excellent service and remember tire side down.

testimonial photo from Luther Odom

Luther Odom


I recently purchased a long sleeve Salem Cycle jersey, socks and water bottle because I loved the logo! On receipt of the items, I was amazed at the wonderful quality of each product! Here in Houston, Texas it will be another month or so before I need the long sleeve jersey, and I cannot wait to wear this one. GREAT STUFF!

There was a note on the receipt to contact you and let you know how I heard about you. Well, was just surfing and going through different bike sites and their links and there you were. Glad to have found you - good luck with your web venture, it looks great and is painless to navigate and buy from.

Thanks so much!
Lani Ropiequet


I heard about your shop by seeing a t-shirt. I attend the University of Arizona and saw a girl on campus with one of your shirts. I liked the design and thought that that was a pretty cool logo for a bike shop, so I looked you up on the internet. So now you can get more publicity out here in the desert. I am sure I will be the only one around town with one of your jerseys. If you happen to get any small socks in let me know too. Thanks for your response.

Heather Roff

This was from some time ago, before we offered items online, but we thought it was cool anyways...


I was in your shop a few weeks ago and thought your sweatshirts were great, (your logo in particular) at the time you had only a few in limited sizes. I asked if you sold them over the internet. I was told Salem Cycle was working on possibly starting e- commerce. I know myself and a couple of friends would love to ride the lakefront here in Chicago in your cool sweatshirts. Hopefully you will indeed start to do some e-commerce. I'd only need 3. One of each,XXL,XL,Large. I'm sure to visit Salem again, I had a great time there, but I'm certain it wouldn't be until after next summer. Anyway, thanks for your time.

Happy holidays.
Don from Chicago